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NG is the new direction of National Geographic which focuses on the continuation of exploring the wonders of our world through enhanced education, hands-on learning and experiences, and more advocacy for change.


What to look forward to.

We use exploration and education to inspire individuals to become agents of change and help protect our planet’s wonders for future generations.

Field Hike


Showcasing the vast world in different forms, both digital and physically noting the stories and vast expeditions individuals went on and what they captured.


Being a large proactive resource individuals of all ages can refer to in order to learn more about our world and all it has to offer.


Advocating for our planet and the need for change to help keep our ecosystem, animals, and the people who live here thriving and hoping individuals will take action themselves.


What will happen?

NG will evolve to not only continue their original mission to provide information and a detailed snapshot into the wonder’s of our world, but to encourage individuals to become an active part in the story of change and providing ways everyone can take action in protecting and changing our world for the better.

Resting Tiger

Visual Guide Books

Flip through our rebranding books to see what we were, where we wish to go, and how we got to where we are now. View the strategic planning to see what we wish to be expanded upon, the diverse and divergent logo developments, the standards for our new look, and the things we are going to do.

Diversity Audit

At NG, we strive and dedicate ourselves to creating a diverse and welcoming space for all to participate in our mutual journey toward making our world a better place for all its inhabitants. Join our diverse team of explorers, educators, and changemakers here at NG.

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